Nexi as an Infrastructure!

Nexi uses a super-chain mapping system to facilitate decentralization and nodes consensus through a customized proof of stake mechanism. It delegates with master-nodes and side-chains in a multilateral manner without external block approval intervention:


Available and integrable to deploy, manage or migrate smart contracts for seamless building on the main network


Proof of stake optimization to run and validate the master-nodes through the most fair and reliable mechanism


Cross-chain programming and development utilities to democratize the network and sustain the chain’s performance

How to delegate with Nexi?

Nexi is an object-oriented blockchain ecosystem to govern and lead the transactions and block validation on its main network using a straightforward proof of stake mechanism. Regardless of the amount and load of a transaction on the chain’s network, Nexi uses its active and approved validators to confirm a transaction within a pre-defined Epoch duration.
Nexi consumes a very low and tangible gas fee against other EVM chains just to sustain the chain’s network performance and avoid any corruption over the network efficiency.

Ecosystem governance

Validators are the key governance parties of the Nexi chain (current edition). Active validators receive their rewards of delegation as a profit for the chain’s sustainability and efficiency. Once a validator is approved, delegation rewards will be paid per Epoch by the chain’s colony of master validators. Upcoming edition of the Nexi chain will support an exclusive delegated proof of authority to empower the chain’s governance using a voting consensus.

Token economics

Decentralized economy aggregation

As a key value of the Nexi chain to mature and authorize its ecosystem, economic aggregation by cross-chain liquidity and assets migration is a fundamental and innovative approach.
Nexi follows a procedure to connect super-chain and side-chains internally to reach the target of assets integration and liquidity aggregation. This mechanism allows the parties, validators, builders and stakeholders to maximize the chain’s performance as well as the liquidity offerings through multi-route connections.