super-delegated & ai-powered

layer-1 kickstart

maximizing the power of decentralization by scaling the delegation mechanism:



Interconnected delegation

Layered delegated proof of stake consensus by connecting a super-chain with multiple side-chains for presenting a faster environment.

Gas automation

Automated gas management on the chain’s Mainnet to confirm the transactions using a fair and affordable fees optimization module.

AI-Driven construction

Lead and manage the chain’s block validation by using AI-supported functions to reach the highest rate of efficiency and transparency.


TPS rate


approved transactions


initial wallets in use

Nexi aims to provide a fast, reliable and transparent ecosystem for delegators and contributors in both individual and institutional sectors. The main objective of Nexi is acquiring high-tech enablers to release and develop a super-delegated proof of stake chain and host any dApps and web3 components in an intelligent manner.

Nexi has a wide prospect and mission to expand and globalize its services and solutions not only as a blockchain, but also as an effortless stage for developers, builders and stakeholders to use its unified and highly-scalable components for their progressive ideas and thoughts.

As an interconnected L1 network, Nexi has an outstanding capability for engagement with other EVM-compatible chains and protocols in a fast and ease of use manner. All nodes and operators of the Nexi chain are working and integrating with EVM-supported super-nodes to boost joint capabilities and strength points.

Due to its layered and interconnected delegation consensus, Nexi is able to confirm and validate blocks on the Mainnet without interrupts or corruptions.

Nexi is always following the most reliable and developed functions and features for its ecosystem sustainability. Automation and smartened features are playing a vital role for reaching the highest rate of efficiency and controlling the risk factors over the chain’s operation.

Expanding and developing the ecosystem of Nexi through cross-chain connections is another key point of view to empower the capabilities of the chain’s network.

Nexi presents a solution for using super-chains and side-chains in a trusted and affordable way. The genesis construction of Nexi entails developed functions for connecting the chain’s layers in order to leverage the chain’s performance and avoid network volatilities.

Nexi’s modules and components are entirely scalable with any EVM-supported networks and protocols to support the network’s expansion manifesto.




For builders, developers and web3 activists


For service providers, platforms and protocols





Exclusive grants

Native grants for developers and builders who are aiming to expand their portfolio

Events and meetups

Stages for corporate and ecosystem partners to engage with their communities