Migrate to a new vision of blockchains scalability

The most efficient routable blockchain

Innovative super chain ecosystem to process faster blocks delegation for a very low gas fee by separating the execution layers on the main network

Meet the next generation of multi-scale blockchains

Ultra-scalable and interconnected super chain to present the most efficient Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism by Nexi:

High-tech driven blocking

Nexi to provide the most reasonable blockchain ecosystem



Scalable interconnected super chain layers’ development pattern



Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism to confirm and delegate the blocks



AI-powered plugins and features to accelerate the network optimization



Root chain mapping to provide ultimate cross-chain bridges

Meet the privileged advisory board

Advisory team with impressive experiences in top-tier tech, banking and business brands:

Amir Merchant

Tyronne Ramella

Daisuke Kobayashi

Raimondo Grova

Tarik Riviere

Mahesh Mishra

Vivek Singh

Rajat Parikh

Smit Sakariya

Our strong features

Using AI and ML capabilities to accelerate the efficiency


In migration to PoS

Semi decarbonization

Highly scalable

Chain rooting

Fees accumulation


Proof of work

Against decarbonization

Limited scalability

Chain passivity

Fees accumulation


Layered DPoS mechanism

Carbon economy

Highly scalable

Chain mapping (EVM rollup)

Fees separation (V2.0)

Optimistic ecosystem

Ideal and affordable platform to deploy or migrate various super-nodes and smart contracts:

Part of the ecosystem


Nexi is a scalable super chain that aims to foster the EVM-chains’ connection and make a revolutionary impact on cross liquidity offerings through the chains connectivity.

Nexi is one of the most emerging blockchains to use the ternary super-chain and side-chains delegation model. In this model, validators and nodes of the chain meet separated staking, reward and gas fees against accumulation caused by other blockchain platforms.

If you are a developer, you can easily deploy and develop your own smart contracts on the chain’s main network using Remix or other similar engines. You just need to add the Nexi chain to your supported wallet, deposit a very small amount of Nexi and start the development process.

Nexi follows a newly released staking procedure to govern the network’s consensus. In this model, staking, reward and gas tokens are completely separated to optimize the chain efficiency. You can read the detailed process here.

Sure! Nexi is beyond a singular blockchain network. It has a strategic plan and roadmap to use AI and ML features and plugins for sustaining the network and providing cross-chain facilities for delegators and account holders constantly.

Nexi is an initiative started by a group of remote blockchain developers and advocates. Technical support and integrations were made by a FinTech startup at Rise Barclays, London. Advisors from renowned and big brands joined the initiative to develop and promote its ecosystem around the world.

Absolutely! Nexi provides features of NFTs deployment on its main network. Collectors, artists and developers are able to mint their NFTs using smart contracts.

Nexi is a right place to develop cross-chain schemes and features on EVM-based chains to optimize liquidity, gas and transactions efficiency on DPoS chains. Particularly, Nexi follows high-tech enabled facilities to reach the targets and present a sustainable proof of governance for the chain’s main network.

If you are interested in joining the ecosystem of Nexi, you can easily communicate with the team to get a response at the earliest. Nexi is always eager to hear from blockchain and web3 enthusiasts to support the communities.