Interconnected architecture

Using the most innovative chain’s connection and performance consensus mechanism that integrates a scalable and customized Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) into the native blockchain network:

Access the most accurate and up-to-date block validation, distributed ledger and Nexi chain’s core engine information to look up and show the blocks and other requirements for developers and block validators on the chain’s main network:

Facts for builders and developers


smart contracts

Open access and secure environment to deploy and develop smart contracts on the main network


assets & tokens

An interoperation ecosystem of tokenized assets to accelerate cross-liquidity offerings through EVM networks


side applications

Powerful and ease of use launchpad for development of side applications and features connected to dApps


nodes validation

A right place to become nodes validator and gain the profits of delegation for reaching a sustainable chain

Contribute to the chain and participate in the building process from scratch! Developers are also able to migrate their smart contracts from other EVM chains and networks to accelerate their development targets: